Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Came out with some new items

I have been so lazy lately. I am sitting here, on the computer - but doing actually NOTHING. My daughter was sick and waking up at night way too many times, then waking up way too early in the mornings. I was royally pooped! Wouldnt you be?

So, I got off my lazy butt and made some new things for my virtual store.

I love, just LOVE Almond Biscotti....oh, they are so good, crunchy and a bit bitter and they go so good with a cup of tea or coffee. So, I just had to make this Almond Biscotti Lotion for all those biscotti crazies out there. Yeah, yeah, I'm talking to YOU! LOL

Another thing that I have been hearing lately was this white tea and ginger scent. Hmmmm....is it really that popular? Well? Is it? Anyways.....I decided to give it a try and just do it. Make the darn thing and see for yourself. It DOES smell good though. Fresh, a little bit spicy, a bit of exotic tea.....ah, if I could just be somewhere else :-)

What do you think of a scent with apples, pears and melons? All the juiciness in one bottle. How about the name for it. BUTT NAKED. Yeap! You heard it right. Dare to bare!


Uneekdolldesigns said...

It all sounds very pleasant and enticing!