Monday, November 10, 2008

What can girls do at a slumber party? DIY lotions, potions, mists, perfumes and bath salts projects!

They can play with essential and fragrance oils and make their own lotions and potions!!! They can create their own perfume oils! Their own bath salts and body mists!

I was thinking a lot while watching my 6 year old all in my stash of bottles, oils, lotions, shampoos, conditioners. We have made few mists together and I've seen her enjoy every second of it. Most importantly - she is so content and happy after she has done her own masterpiece :-)

So, I have created a DIY kit for girls. I have also given you your own choice of fragrances so its more personalized.

8 oz of unscented lotion
2 2oz empty lotion bottles
1 oz of your choice carrier oil
6 vials of 4ml fragrance and/or essential oil
1 1/2oz empty roll on perfume bottle
1 dropper

Choice of fragrance and essential oils:

Champa fragrance oil
Cinnamon fragrance oil
Juniper fragrance oil
Green tea fragrance oil
Lotus fragrance oil
Mandarin fragrance oil
Mimosa fragrance oil
Nerolli fragrance oil
Spearmint fragrance oil
Verbena fragrance oil
Water lilly fragrance oil
Water lotus fragrance oil
Wintergreen fragrance oil
Yuzu fragrance oil
Jasmine fragrance oil
Pineapple fragrance oil
Lilly of the valley fragrance oil
Sensual amber fragrance oil
Sandalwood FO
Musk FO
Lemon blossom FO
Vanilla FO
Coconut cream FO
Pomegranate FO
Mango madness FO
Chocolate FO

Peppermint Supreme essential oil
Sweet orange 5 fold EO
Lime EO
Eucalyptus EO
Anise EO
Lemon EO

Choice of carrier oil:

Jojoba oil
Sweet Almond oil
Grapeseed oil
Olive oil
Sunflower oil
Apricot Kernel oil
Hemp Seed oil

If you prefer already mixed fragrances, the choices are:




ANGELICA - FO (A light and airy blend of aquatic notes, delicate citruses balanced with soft rose, soft sandalwoods and musks. )

MEDITATION KRISHNA - FO (Strong robust woods infused with spices, spiritual nag champa and frankincense)

ORIENTAL - FO (Asian blend of ylang ylang, cherry blossoms and vanilla secured patchoulis, sandalwoods, vetiver)

ABSINTHE - FO (Anise, sugar, juniper, spices and citruses leading to a unique version of this legendary underground favorite)

ANOMALY - FO (Sexy and complex, this fragrance is beguiling, with notes of white florals, musks, sandalwoods, and grapefruit)

LOVELY - FO (Light musks to sandalwoods, delicately mixed with earthy champa and vetiver)

MOONLIGHT PATH (TYPE) - FO (The scent is the familiar one of lavender, mandarin, bergamot with the invigorating florals like rose, jasmine, violet, ylang, lily of the valley....all of it held together with mysterious and enticing sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss, vanilla, amber and musk)

ALMOND BISCOTTI - FO (a delicate biscuit with hints of toasted sweet almonds)

BUTT NAKED - FO (fresh green apples perfectly harmonized with refreshing melons and juicy pears)

DRAGONS BLOOD - FO (warm, woody and earthy scent, with notes of amber, vanilla, sandalwood, light tones of powdery musks and hints of asian florals to bring out subtle spice undertones)

JAMAICAN ME CRAZY - FO (Think fun, fruity, fresh and edgy with a sly kick, an original of passion fruit, mangoes, citrus and SSHHH...secretly introduced splash of cannabis)

WHITE TEA AND GINGER - FO (Fresh and slightly spiced, this fragrance is invigorating with subtle notes of exotic tea. Its Refreshing to the senses while evoking a warm feeling timelessness.

ZEN GARDEN - FO (Aquatic water lily, green tea and osmanthus grounded with sweet sandalwood)

I am working on making a kit that would include bath salts, mist bottles, mesh pouches and again - your choice of 6 oils! And for the ones that want it all - I will have a DELUXE kit that includes all of the above! Isnt that great?!



Lenox Knits said...

What a great idea. I might have to plan a day for my nieces to explore b & b products.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Than you so much :-) Its great, the girls enjoy it