Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Having a Contest

Sooo.........I am having a contest hosted at Confessions of a Stay at Home Mom.....Jami is sooo cool and nice, I love her blog, her writing reminds me of a quirky little birdy that is standing at a branch and tweeting...I dont know, dont laugh at me! Its how I feel, damn it!!!!!!


I am giving away a 2oz lotion OR a 2oz yogurt - the choice is yours. Go over Jami's blog and take a look at the rules - they are pretty simple....the least you can do is look at my store and leave a comment on her blog about what do you like the most.

Here is the link and dont be shy!!!!



Duni said...

Just stopped by to say 'hello'. How are you doing?
Will check out the contest on Jami's site right now!

take care,