Friday, March 6, 2009

I forgot my court jury duty thingie!!! head have been sooo wrapped around these creams and my store and what not, that I totally forgot that last Wednesday I was suppose o show up at the county's court building for that jury summoning! Damn it!

Now first thing Monday I have to call and explain myself and hopefully I am not in trouble :-(

Another dumb thing - I didnt even need to make all those creams ahead of time!!!! Duuuhhhhh! I could have just made the base I needed, take some interesting pix and list them that way...then add fragrance as they are ordered. Now I am almost out of 50 jars and had to order more...yikes!!!

Enough of bad luck brain is really empty this week :-(


blueviolet said...

I did that once when I was on call but fortunately my number had not been called anyway. Good luck!

Duni said...

Oh seems you have a lot going on at the moment! We don't have jury duty over here. I hope everything works out okay! Wish you luck!
The creams look always ☺

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I hope for the same thing - that my number hasnt been called.

I got to call them first thing monday morning.

Duni, even in my old country there is no such thing. Here in the States its weird, because they send out invitations even to people that have only green cards - which are not eligible to serve...I dont think they check anything - they just send it out!

Thank you so much are so sweet :-)

Vera said...

Goodluck with the explaining you need to do!

Bella Bubbles said...

Can only wish you good luck =(

lina said...

Hope all will be fine with you and the Court Jury Duty!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

well, I called them yesterday and the lady said that my name was not called that day!!! Woo hoooooooo!!! They are gonna send me another note - whenever :-) Got lucky this time

Laane said...

Good luck with explaining.

Here we don't have jury duty, in fact we don't have a jury at all.

Society is judgmental enough without people who don't have full knowledge of the law deciding over others.

Law represents the whole society, and so do judges.
That's enough.

When people don't agree, they can appeal.

I also think it's strange that people can plead guilty to get lesser punishment and that in some cases even innocent people better plead guilty.