Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The monthly sweepstakes are gonna be bi-monthly

I am sad to say this - but I have to do it this way. Sales have slowed down and what kind of choices would I have to give a prize to? Its more fun with more entries, more people....

Sooooo......the April drawing is going to be held on the 6th and the prize is going to be a 2oz jar of Body Yogurt with your choice of scent. Talking about scents, I just added more choices:

Mango Sorbet

Pomegranate Bendel

Pomegranate Cherry

Midnight Pomegranate

Raspberry Cream

Between the sheets


Green Apple

Juniper Breeze


Ginger peach

Cherry Blossom

Margarita Lime

Juicy Pear

Mediterranean Fig


and many, many more!!!!

In case you dont remember the rules for the sweepstakes, here they are:


1. Every other month on the 6th I will be drawing names of the people that have purchased from me to win a prize.

2. The more items bought - that many times your name is going to be counted for.

3. If you recommend someone to my store, let me know about the username and if they purchased - your name will be added for each person you bring to me.

4. If you liked my product and wrote a review either on your blog or at your name will be counted extra again

5. I will have all the names on a piece of paper, fold them, place them all in a container, shake it and draw one out of there.

6. You will be emailed and asked if you want the prize or not. If declined, I'll be drawing another name.

Every time its going to be a different prize!


Chá das 5 a meia-noite said...

There is a stemp to you darling in my blog Premio Dardos. Kisses.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Mean, thank you for dropping a line on my cbox. It is so nice to meet somebody from the Michigan, too. I would love to try your products. I will be back here soon. :)

Chá das 5 a meia-noite said...

Yes darlind is like an award.Look my blog and you will see 2 others near Premio Dardos. And have a rule: you get it and choose a mission about 1 month to realize, for example: go back to fitness or reading one book or eat more fruits. My mission: to keep my house in order!(hahaha).After you h=share the award to 15 blogs friends that you like so much.