Tuesday, September 30, 2008

HEADLINE: Chatting with CILLA ROSE, a shop on Etsy

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Q: What is your stores name and what do you sell (and anything else that you wanna share about it)?

My stores name is CILLA ROSE and I sell fashion fabulous stationery and home accessories.

Q: How long have you been crafting for yourself before you decided to share your designs with other?

I've been designing since high school{that I can remember}... except back then, I didn't realize it would be my passion.

Q: Where do you get your inspiration?

I know this sounds really cliche but I get it from just about everywhere.

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Q: Is there a funny story where you accidentally screwed something up, but it turned out better than you planned?

Yes, we just bought a house and I was replacing the switch plates with newer version plates. I screwed one of them too tight and it cracked in half. Nonetheless... I now sell decorative swith plates in my store. Can you guess why???

Q: How do you see yourself down the road?

Down the road I'll be doing a "Grand Opening" for Cilla Rose. Can't wait...

Q: Do you do this for fun or for serious business?

You have to do what you love... and I love it. Isn't it great to get paid for doing what you love?

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Q: What is one favorite thing that you made and felt bad selling it - only because you liked it so much?

I really hate selling my switch plates and wooden frames... they are adorable.

Q: What is a normal day like for you?

A normal day for me... what's norma? I have a full time job, two online stores, two sons, a husband, a dog and everything else in between. And then I do it again the next day.

Q: What else interests you besides your craft?

I live in a house with males {2 sons, a husband and a dog named Ace}. It's a girl thing!

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