Thursday, October 9, 2008


I have been thinking a lot lately is it OK to make Coffee Mocha Lotion. I know it smells good....who doesnt like a cup of freshly brewed mocha? Its so creamy and the aroma so rich, that it captures your senses and takes you away.
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Soooo, I grabbed my tools and my oils and had to whip up something. The coffee aroma from the essential oil had me right away. I was laughing thinking how I just want to drink this. But - you would find me in the ER from lotion overdoze :-) The chocolate fragrance oil was so rich and dark in the scent, that I wished I had a bar of chocolate. But hey! If I cant eat that calorie-full-thing, then at least my nose is getting a whiff of the fat free thing, right?
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Luckily for me...tee heeee....I had an ounse of leftover. So, guess what? Yeap, I am keeping it so I can use it on myself. I already put a little bit on my arm and I am in LOVE!!! Who needs real coffee anyways?

Well, not really. I DO need real coffee too. Maybe thats why I like this scent so much.

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Yeap, that one above is mine!



Sue B said...

Coffee Mocha lotion, wow that sounds really good.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...


It sounds even better considering that I just woke up and need a cup of the real thing :-)