Friday, October 10, 2008

HEADLINE: Chatting with Bohtieque Design, a shop on Etsy

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What is your stores name and what do you sell (and anything else that you wanna share about it)?

My store's name is Bohtieque Design, and I design and sell labels and cards, mostly. I started out with photo announcements, but then posted one or two label designs and they just took off, so I concentrate on them the most!

How long have you been crafting for yourself before you decided to share your designs with other?

Actually, I've been working with graphic design for probably 8 years, but before my son came along, I was doing business identity design for small businesses. After my son came home, I changed over to photo announcements and cards. A year later, I started my Etsy shop.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Everywhere. I do often look at fabric designs, old photos and images and design blogs for inspiration.

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How do you see yourself down the road?

In a few years, I'd like to see myself doing something very similar, still connecting one on one with clients and still working Etsy in the evenings and summers. I really love my day job--teaching--so I wouldn't want to leave. Hopefully, though, I'll be able to buy a few of those cool Pottery Barn office organization systems, though, so I'll be sitting in a well organized office. (And that, of course, is a total dream. Organizational system or not, I'm still a mess.)

Do you do this for fun or for serious business?

I do this seriously--I think I do most things seriously. I've got a few goals for what I want my business to get me, and those goals require that I take it seriously.

Do you ever get a creative block? If yes, how frustrating is it and how do you deal with that?

I do, sometimes. It usually isn't too hard to get over. Instead of sitting there being upset about it, I'll grab my camera and go take some shots, organize the mess a little, do some cooking or gaze at the TV for a while. Sooner or later, the block just disappears.

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What is one favorite thing that you made and felt bad selling it - only because you liked it so much?

I never feel bad--most of my things can be remade easily. I do sometimes feel a little bad when my favorites, like, don't get sales. I want so share them with people!

What is a normal day like for you?

Get up at 5 a.m., get ready while checking convos and working up proofs, and leave before 7 a.m. I work until 4:30 or so, then come home and spend time with my family, who really DO rock. After my son goes to bed, I work on Etsy until 10 or 11. It's a busy, packed day!

What else interests you besides your craft?

I LOVE photography. Love. Love. Love. Did I say I love photography?

Is there something you would like to say as the end of the talk?

I love Etsy--and I am doing my best to buy only Etsy work Christmas--it's so worth it!

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Susan said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.