Friday, December 5, 2008

101 for the Sacral Chakra

Whew....a little time to breathe :-)

So, lets continue with the basic info on the chakras



Lower abdomen to navel area.


Energy center through which we perceive other peoples's emotions (clairsentience);
- Concerned with day-to-day physical aspects of living; also with the people to whom we relate and with the quality of our relationships
- Concerned with sexual energy and its point from which we send and receive sexual feelings
- Also concerened with creativity
- Sometimes refereed to as the "low heart" chakra in women


Cord in 2nd means either, "I am interested in you sexually", or "Give me your emotional support, pay attention to my emotions".
- Sex cord can be left in depending upon whether or not you are enjoying it
- Best to remove an emotion cord because it is a potential energy drain for you and is often accompanied by a "needy" vibration. (Its easier to respond to someone's emotional needs from your heart chakra than from your second chakra)

Mental, Emotional Issues:

Problems with money; sex and control issues with other people; blame and guilt; power or control in the physical world; emotional upset; fear of abandonment; sexual, emotional abuse/incest

Health Issues:

Sexual dysfunctions; reproductive disorders; fibroid tumors; allergies; skin disorders; hemorrhoids; prostate and bladder problems; pelvic/lower back pain; over-indulgence in food or sex.


Nature Therapy:

Relax in a body of water, feeling the water soothe you and lift you as it flows around your body; washing away any tension or negativity. As you look into the night sky, notice the glowing moonlight as it reflects of the water. Let the moons nurturing beam of light help balance the feminine energies of the second chakra. Oftentimes emotions are symbolically represented by water, so it is only appropriate that water would be one of the forms of relaxing and healing the emotional center, the 2nd chakra.

Sound Therapy:

Similar to the concept of flowing water, to relax the 2nd chakra you want to listen to music that seems to flow, is harmonious and soothing. There are a number of CD's that combine this soothing type of music with the sounds of ocean surf, waterfalls, rainfall, and running water to produce a very powerful sound therapy tool for this chakra.
Vocally you can chant the vowel "o" spoken as in "November", or you can sing it in the key of D.

Color Therapy:

For the 2nd chakra, clear orange is used to stimulate and renew your energy. It facilitates your letting go of rigid emotional patterns and lifts your self esteem.


A few scents can be used to balance the emotions, improve digestion (the ability to "let go" and release) and ease stress are bergamot, vanilla, bitter almond and sandalwood. Ylang Ylang stimulates sensuality and is often used to help "set the mood" for a romantic encounter with your loved one.


Locate the pressure point immediately above the inside heel, but not yet at the arch of the foot. Massage, applying gentle, steady pressure to the point to release blocked energies in the 2nd chakra.

Gemstones and Crystals:

Amber, Carnelian, Citrine, Coral, Moonstone, Gold Calcite, Gold Topaz, Peach Aventurine


Tashai said...

These are great posts on the chakras. I've been working on a set of chakra mandalas. Three done but have been a little "stuck" on creating the others. These chakra posts will give me new inspiration. I just know it. Thanks!