Thursday, December 18, 2008

The secret is always in the photo!

I have been obsessing about my photos since I started selling online. How are you to deliver the effect via the internet if not through a good photo? The people are not next to you so they can touch, smell, see. We shop with our eyes, even more so when we shop online. So, I just want to share the difference between a stock photo and the "prettyfied" one that I just listed today.

Here we go:



Now tell me, which one of these would you be more inclined to buy? The after one, I think.

One more set:




Robot Nine said...

Yes, I used to sell used books, eBay, one of each. Photos had to be taken, several hundred a day, no time for pretty, but even adequete took time. Alan

Celestite said...

Yes, anything you can do to make a photo stand out and catch the eye can help.