Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I've been tagged

There is a tagging game going on here among art and craft bloggers and I've been tagged by The Blue Cat

The rules:

1. Place a link to the person that tagged you

2. List seven unusual things about yourself

3. Tag (and link to) seven other artists at the end of your post, and post on their blogs to let them know they’ve been tagged.

Wow, I have to list 7 unusual things about me? 7?! I think someone else is better fit to say that for me, cuz I dont think I have anything unusual about

1. I have come to USA from Macedonia 10 years ago. Weird as it is, I still forget some words in english even though I have been studying it at home for 10 years + my 10 years of living here

2. I cant live without an SUV anymore :-( I know, maybe its a spoiled thing, but in MI I dont know what I would do without one.

3. I am a book worm. Geeky? Yeap, maybe :-(

4. A lot of times I am perfectly fine being by myself, for days

5. I get hurt by massages....yeap, I feel like I have bruises on my spine when my husband massages me

6. I dont like wearing earings or any kind of gold or silver....also, not crazy for diamonds either. I would rather wear a stone on a leather rope.

7. I hate, hate my red hair. Its not really bad though - its more brown than red, but growing up in a country where its 99% dark and blonde people, it didnt feel good to jump out with the looks like that

This is the blogs that I liked and tagged:

Mommy Melee


Mommy Melee said...

I don't read too many craft blogs (although I should) but I'll do the meme, thanks for tagging me! We should chat some time. I'm finishing up my clinical aromatherapy certification.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

that is so awesome! I love aromatherapy and its so great that more and more people are getting into it :-)I have to visit that blog link you gave me

LeelaBijou said...

Thanks for tagging me! I´ll do it as soon as I´ll comeback to work on Friday ^_^ I love your answers and your blog. Happy Holidays!

melissa said...

i'm in michigan too! and i NEED to drive an suv. aside from having 5's the weather. the SNOW!! ugh.
fun meme.
thanks for stopping by my place!!

Carol said...

I love my SUV too! Great list!

Bella Bubbles said...

Yap! Cute blog and great work =) Now I follow you! I'd be happy if you follo wme too!
Hugs =)

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Thank you guys :-)

Especially with all the crazy snow we got here in MI lately, the SUV gave me a feeling of security. I still drove slow though

Mystic Sight said...

interesting blog, I'll have to come back and read more, thanks