Wednesday, January 14, 2009

American Cars ARE of better quality!

I gotta kill the myth here that started in the 70's....AMERICAN BUILD VEHICLES ARE OF BETTER QUALITY THAN ASIAN ONES!!!!!

Ok...How powerful can this be coming from someone that is not even born in USA, huh? I am very upset that japanese vehicles are not in the news every day saying how they suck! And they do! And what kind of people live here that would rather put their money in a foreigners hand by buying foreign, huh? I know, I know....these days its hard to pin point what is and what is not 100% american made, but look at it this way:

Ok, I make homemade bath and body stuff, right? I get my supplies from everywhere. My butters are from Africa, Asia...some essential oils are from Europe, I get all this at my house and from all these small parts I make something. Is it homemade or not?

The same applies to the cars build here. They are put together by Americans in America! If we dont buy things made in the country we live at - where is our economy gonna go? Europe supports buying made in Europe. My small little country supports buying from their own too. What have become with the people in USA?

Ok....back to the quality of the vehicles.....Mike from "Dirty Jobs" went straight here, in Michigan to test the trucks from the Big Three and Toyota....please take a look:

And I just have to share the sticker that I have on my american made truck:



Kathleen Coy said...

Wow, the back end of that toyota looked like it was going to come off!!

I have quite a crush on Mike Rowe...**sigh**
He seems really down to earth, too. :-)

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

ha ha ha, right! Thats what I wanted everyone to see....but hey...sigh....

Ohhhh...I like him a LOT :-)

Laura said...

I agree; however, there are many "foreign"cars put together by AMericans right here in AMerica. Toyota and Honda are now exception. THey have HUGE plants that employ American workers to put their caqrs together.

AMerican cars HAVE gotten better over the years. As a rule, the foreign cars had tighter engineering and lower tolerances than the AMerican cars, and the quality showed. THEN, the US automakers poured R&D into their newer models and the qulaity began to improve.

THis is called competition. It's vital to the success of our markets. THe labor unions have all but killed the US car companies by their oppressive bargained deals and now pensions for people who are retired and no longer working almost equal their former salary. THis is crazy! AND, when we raise the minimum wage, their wages are tied to the minimum, and they get a raise, too. Heard of the janitors who make $75 per hour to sweep the floor? It really does happpen. Policies such as these will cripple the auto companies and stifle their growth. It's no wonder they are introuble, but the Gov't does not need to bail them out.

Anyway, if you buy uswed, you get a better deal, and all the money stays here. So if you see me on the street, please don't stick up your nose at my Honda Odyssey minivan; it was bought used at an American-owned dealership in the good ol' USA.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Laura, I have just one remark - the Unions have SAVED the auto industry on numerous occasions by giving them money from their own funds to survive. Unions are not responsible for what is happening. If its not for them - I dont know how a person can live a decent life and have a peace in mind in his/her retirement years.

Its the management - the companies and the CEO's that drove the industry to the ground with huge bonus checks for themselves (but laying off workers) and with hiring incompetent designers for their vehicles.

Otherwise, competition is great!

Anna said...

We are a Ford family. When we needed to get a new car we researched and found that our money was better spent here.

Mike Rowe is a great guy! Did you know he's a professional musician and "faked his way into the Baltimore opera"? See his bio on the Discovery's crazy!

Anna said...

Oh, check out Mike Rowe's other website He's a really great guy and he's looking out for the "regular" guy in the "regular" job.