Thursday, October 8, 2009

Another gentle and all natural hair aid - Natural Hair Detangler

Soooo, how did it start? My daughters always, ALWAYS woke up with some messed up hair, totally in knots and it was painful to brush that! I did use store bought sprays to detangle it, but the thing that I hated the most was that it left their hair soapy! Yeap, every single time I gave them a bath and got their hair wet - it already had slippery soapy like thing in it, way before I even applied shampoo.

Decided to play with what I had at home and get this done and over with. First thing that I thought was - jojoba oil. Its a wax, not an oil and its been known as a good hair aid - it gives shine, it nourishes it, it repairs it. Didnt want to put any essential oils - I was dealing with kid after all and I was not sure how their scalp and hair would take that, so I added just a tad bit of rosemary extract. That would help with the knots and add shine and silkiness. At last, I added phytokeratin (carrot product) which is THE best for hair detangling and making it manageable again. And then, I mixed this all with distilled water :-)

I have used this with my girls for few months now and I have given one to my sister. I am so happy with the results!!! No more soapy hair! Whats best, it leaves the locks shiny and silky and even takes care of the frizziness!

I just wanted to share my little discovery, my little all natural hair spray for tangles, knots and shine :-)

If you would like to purchase it, you can do it here (without even opening an acoount):


christalenergy said...

happy your are back in blogging...i'm very interested in your stuff...I first saw your blog back in May and the tattoo post, so didn't had the chance to see what you are writing about...
The hair product sound great! :)

I have a blog about aromatherapy, alternative therapies and stuff... come and see if you like

Chef Eureka said...

Sounds like a great product! I love aromatherapy and good healthy scents.