Friday, October 23, 2009

Getting personal with, not THAT way!

So, I started making soaps and my biggest challenge so far has been matching colors to the scent. Yeap - it takes some creativity to do that successfully.....and honestly, I dont think I have been all that successful with it.

One scent just sent a lightening bolt through my head and I had the colors pink-gray in my head. That scent was Very Sexy from Victorias Secret. I dont know why, it somehow reminded me of my days when I used to work as a customer service at a
n international phone company. It was elegant, sensual and sexy in such a subtle way - just like the ladies that worked at the office with me.

In a tribute to our inner sensuality - I matched Very Sexy with the soft look of pink shirt and gray pants :-)

Right now I am running specials on my soaps - all my 3oz soaps are marked down to 2.50$


Split Rock Ranch said...

Oh yes, very sexy, indeed!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Thank You B :-)

Anne said...

That is a great color combination! Looks good in clothing too :).

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