Friday, October 9, 2009

I love the way the Universe works!

Do you want the nitty griddy details?

Ok. So, I dont know how many of you know that I came to USA from Macedonia. A
wesome country, but I have to say that the people are a little more closed minded. Just now they are starting to open up to tattoing and even that is more in the context of - macedonian pride (which I am fine with) or nice pictures of animals, flowers etc. They are not familiar with tribal tattoos and them being hard core orthodox - they have a picture in their head that henna tattoos are only for muslims.

That said, I had a henna design done on my hand and then up to my elbow, crowned with a Black Widow Spider (which all still have to be finished). My friend is still back home. I l
ove her, I grew up with her....but she has a different taste and world views than me.

She noticed the pictures of my tattoos on Facebook and let me know of her thoughts. Well....that was was told that my tribal/henna tattoos look like a kid scribbled them and that I should fire my artist. And that my spider is creepy and so not tasteful. I have to express that I told her everyone has their own taste buds and all this is relative - nobody can find the same one thing attractive. And thats a good thing though. BUT she insisted that the artist is no good.....ok....

Today I receive a forwarded e-mail from her. You know, one of those that tell you to send them to xxxx people. This e-mail was about the Goddess Lakshmi and was asking to send to people for prosperity.....HA!!!!! I got ya now!!!! The same tattoos that she was trashing are a "prayer" to Lakshmi for luck and prosperity.....

I just love when the circle closes like this. I did make sure I e-mailed her back to let her know.

Yeah....I was too geeked about this and HAD to blog about it. Dont judge me!


Katherine Your Avon Lady said...

no time remember a true friend would never have been so cruel to you. Art is art and yours belongs to you. :-) Hugs

Duni said...

Getting ready for Halloween?!
The mendhi on your hand is very pretty :)

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

heheee...sure ready for Halloween here :-) Thanks Duni :-)

Well, she thought cuz she knows me for so long she can tell me everything...I mean things are better unsaid :-)