Friday, April 3, 2009

ArtFire Find - Pirate Pixie Crew

As you know, I have a shop on ArtFire too. Its a very young community of artists and crafters and they are all so nice and all about helping each other to succeed! Now thats what I call a team work!

One of the good things about ArtFire is that you dont have to open an account to buy! Nope, nope! You can securely purchase without one!

Today I have been looking at Prate Pixie Crews items. I LOVE a good hat, especially one that is not gonna have me scratching my forehead as if I had This scull hat that I saw has the prettiest blue color. Its just perfect for those spring chili mornings when you are headed to work:

To match this awesome hat, she has these fingerless gloves that have the most beautiful and vibrant blue color! I always have been a fan of fingerless gloves. Hey, I wont be as warm, but being beautiful sometimes means we have to

And, wadda ya think of her Pirate Pixie Booty Pouch, huh? I think its sooooo cool!!!!!


LeelaBijou said...

Her work is fantastic!

MyDoggieAndMe said...

Pirate Pixie Crew ROCKS!!!!

lina said...

Cool! The booty pouch is simply too adorable!