Tuesday, April 7, 2009

We have a winner for the bi-monthly sweepstakes!!!

So....two months worth of purchases and working my butt off....it was time to award some of the people that stopped by my store to shop!

I decided to give away a 2oz Body Icing scented with the unique scent of Pomegranate. This is truly one of kind, I have bought pomegranate from different people and this one just sticks out as the best one!

I hope I am going to hear from Brenda about this. I sure hope she is not gonna take my email as a spam and just delete it without reading or maybe she will read and think its a scam :-(

If this happens, I will just have to draw the names again


Split Rock Ranch said...

Hmmm, which Brenda? Or did you mention it somewhere else and I missed it?! I just sent you an email. OMG - I've been drooling over the new scents you just listed. I'm gonna need a plastic cover for my keyboard so I don't short it out! ;o)