Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Dyed my hair and I hate it! Now what?

Well....first to say that I am a natural (very dark) redhead and I wanted change...usually I get some highlights and looks good, but I wanted something little darker.

Sooooo.....here I go at the store looking at the hair dyes and mulling over which one to get. My hair is not very good at accepting color.....I liked the look of the Medium Golden Brown and picked that.

Well....nope, it was not bad, but I couldnt SEE any change! It was darker just for a little tone and thats it!

Back at the store.....I picked the color that almost everyone (except 1) is putting an X on as a No-No for me - I get Soft Black.

Couple hours later and here I am, with black hair, white face and looking like something is sitting on top of my head - its sooooo not natural and sooo not fitting :-(

Can I go with a light brown now to lighten it up? Will it take the dye? I am desperate, I dont even wanna leave the house looking like this! My husband LOVES it because it gives him the whole "different person" outlook to me (you know what I mean), but IMO, its just way too dark

Here are some pix for some visual aid...lol.....I know they are of bad quality, but my bathroom lights are the worst lights to use! They would make ANYONE look like they just rose from the dead! Hate them! So, I didnt use them


Duni said...

Actually...I LIKE it!!! You and I have the same colour now! I dye it deep black/brown too. Now you get to try out a different make-up too. What fun!
I tried lightening my hair, and I ended up looking like a carrot!

Jayne said...

I like it too! But I did the same not so long ago. I went from light blonde to dark brown. I hated it. But a trip to the hair dressers a couple of days later got it back to normal. So do not despair - it should be easy for them to change.

Jayne xxx

Tashai said...

Well I like it too. Don't despair. It should lighten up some on it's own. Give it a few days and see what you think then. :)

BeverlyD said...
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murk_core said...

looks fine to me.. have a nice day..

Mineral Cosmetics said...

It’s really unfortunate that you did not like the hair color. I guess you should always double-check whether the color you are going for suits your skin tone or not. :-)