Friday, April 10, 2009

What made me laugh yesterday......these magnets!

PicardCreative at ArtFire has these magnets that every time I look at them, they crack me up! She is using recycled materials to create something planet friendly AND amusing!

Tell me what you think of these magnets of hers that made me crack a smile:

Ha ha!!! Domestically challenged! Just looking at her pose and sly smile then reading the words makes me say - hell yeah!!!


lol.....aint this the truth?

Teeeee heeeeee!!!! LOL

Click on the pix so you an be taken straight in her store! You will have a blast!


Izile said...

Those are cute! I particularly like the middle one about being old enough to know better but too young to give a crap!

lina said...

Those are indeed very interesting magnets. :)