Sunday, February 8, 2009

Benefits of Floral Waters aka Hydrosols

Hydrosols can come from any plant that is distilled. They can be Floral Waters IF they have been distilled from flowers such as Rose, Orange Blossom (Nerolli) or Lavender.

Water is a vital component for healthy skin tissue, and hydrosols are water with power! They are useful in all manner of skin and body care. Floral Waters are a powerful therapeutic agent in their own right and are valuable for skin and health particularly for babies, invalids, elderly persons and people with sensitive skin. They are cooling, anti-inflamatory, stimulating or relaxing, gentle and selective antiseptics with qualities that can be uplifting, soothing to irritated skin, gentle and balancing. Hydrosols are nearly free of all irritating components and as such are well suited for very sensitive skin.

Aromatic hydrosols can be used alone as toners or added to other toner ingredients, such as aloe vera. They are wonderful in masks and lotions.

Here are examples of hydrosols with cosmetic applications:

German Chamomile - for sensitive skin and inflamation

Lavender - balances all kinds of skin types. Soothes sunburns, irritations, psoriasis and eczema

Lemon Verbena - lemon scented and mildly astrigent for oily skin

Melissa - very gentle on sensitive skin

Myrtle - soothing and gentle, its used as an eyewash for irritations and alergic reactions

Orange Blossom - good for couperose skin, but suitable for all skin types, the delicate fragramce soothes and calms

Rose - mildly astrigent for couperose skin, but suitable for all skin types, good on cotton pads for irritated eyes

Rosemary - for sluggish, sallow, devitalized skin that needs stimulation and regeneration
Witch Hazel - astrigent for oily or couperose skin, good as an aftershave tonic

Yarrow - mildly scented antiseptic, astrigent for problem or oily skin


Mommy Melee said...

Where do you get your hydrosols? I use Aromatics International. I enjoy them but I find the aromas very "wet" and kind of musty, I kind of prefer just using drops of EO in water, at least for a room spray. (Though I use the lav on my kids sheets and feet a lot.)

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I get them at a local store. The wholesalers are wayyy overpriced