Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Help me name the new cream I am about to make!

So, tomorrow I will put my new ingredient to use - cucumber peel extract and I will make a cream with that one and green tea extract.

I would like some catchy name and so far we got this:

Morning Dew

Cuke T

Cucumber Smoothie

Cu-Tea Cream

Any more ideas are more than welcome! Help a girl out please!


Gypsy said...

I like the name Morning Dew~

Celestite said...

I came up with Cucumber Dawn, but I like Morning Dew better.

Buddha said...

Cucumber is such a difficult word to use :(
But if you want something appealing I would suggest
for a young and supple skin!

Elemental Bath Co. said...

Green Cucumber
Double Green
Tea & Cucumber
Green Tea Cucumber (yup- just what it is)

And I still think Morning Dew is nice. Some companies like names that tell you nothing of the product, and others like to be very descriptive. Which are you? :-)


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I usually have a mixture of names - the plain old telling what it is, like pomegranate etc and I have the catchy names like whipped orange or tea souffle....

like Buddha said, Cucumber is such a difficult word, it doesnt just slip out like some do

Thank you guys, you all have been awesome!