Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In awe with the goodies I recieved in mail last week :-)

Well, we usually play games of giveaways at Etsy and we trade goods for goods :-)

From a recent giveaway - to which I was late to offer my products for free and couldnt participate - Laura from lauraly send me a nice print of an oak tree. The awesome thing is that me and her talked about it months ago and I told her that in my country the oak is sacred. Its a place where the Samovila's live and people used to bring offerings there for their mercy. Laura is a wonderful artist and a most amazing person that glorifies nature in her art. She remembered what I have said about the tree and send me the print. I was sooooo happy and a huge smile showed on my face when I opened the envelope. Placed it right at my computer desk, so I can look at it at all times!

From the recent trading game, I got some soy tarts from Luanne, an etsy artist that makes some strong scented candles, tarts...she send me blackberry, mullberry soy tarts and a goodie bag that she chose the scents and now I cant wait to burn them!

Klamathriverfinest is another favourite of mine! She makes some awesome soaps and she send me some tarts too! Her Mayan Gold and Sedona tarts blew me away and my husband fell in love with the Sandalwood and Vanilla scent...her lip balms are also one of a kind. Dont miss out on checking her out!


LeelaBijou said...

How cool goodies! :)