Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Results of the aftershave for men

Yeap, I have used my husband as a guinea pig more than one time...lol

I made my husband an aftershave with Witch Hazel, Almond Oil and some fragrance oil. I was torn between Happy Men and Bamboo and Teak. Chose the second though. The first will be next :-) He started using it in October 2008.

After he shaved he used to have very bad red bumps all over his face and neck. I really thought nothing of it. It was not until our friend noticed that his face and neck are very clean. I sure didnt pay attention to anything. Had a better look at hubbies face and sure enough - there really were not any red bumps anywhere!!! Our friend right away asked if I can make one for him too....lol....the weird thing is that I have offered many, many times to give him something for free, which he ignored in a nice way. Well, I aint gonna hold that against him, I am always ecstatic to help someone when they ask for help...lol

Probably what helped is the combination of witch hazel and almond oil. Witch hazel helps a lot with razor burns and oily skin. The almond oil is perfect for soothing irritated skin and is full of vitamin D and proteins, which is very nourishing.

I am very happy with the unexpected results of this. I sure didnt have him use it to help anything - I just wanted him to use something natural. The end result was very pleasant :-)

I am including a pic of his red bumps, I dont know if you can see them. Its just a picture that I took of him, not with the intention of following an experiment. It was taken somewhere in November. I can see the bumps, but they were worse before he started using my aftershave. Now they are non-existing.

You can find them here:

Etsy Store for Men Section

ArtFire Store for Men Section


Sedie said...

My husband doesn't usually use after shave, but his skin gets very irritated. I think I'll stop by your place in a few to see what I can pick up. Thanks for the post.