Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pay attention to the labels of Anti Aging Cosmetics

Have you ever read the ingredients of the expensive anti aging creams and serums? I bet you never paid attention at the order of ingredients though! Those products do offer a solution - a temporary one....and it comes costly and with side effects. First of all - its gonna hurt your wallet, second - the active ingredients are so far down the line on the list, that they are not really having any lasting impact AND they are full of chemicals....

Natural homemade products put quality first. There is no mass production and paying off your ass for their marketing people, designers, lab technicians etc. We make the products, we test them, most of us design our our labels and market our products on our own. We care for our customers, because our products are not on every single shelf in the stores so we can afford oopsies! There is 0% of ooopsies allowed!

The big companies marketing strategies are very strong and effective. People believe that cosmetic company of that magnitude will not lie...well, they DONT, but they do mislead.

For example, L'Oreals anti aging Collagen filler is everything but helpful! Their main ingredients are Shark Liver Oil, Boswellia, Vitamin E and Collagen BioSpheres. The last is a good ingredient, but that on its own is NOT gonna make this effective! Shark Liver Oil? Really? Do we need to kill more animals for our beauty products? It is beneficial for the skin, but its far from anti aging agent! This ingredient only would make turn around and run!

Estee Lauder's Nutriv Intensive Lifting Cream doesnt even release ALL ingredients! Now how is THAT for a peace of mind for the paying customer, huh? It has more than 54 ingredients and that doesnt mean that its better. Especially when they would not disclose all of them!

Clinique's Total Turnaround....Clinique does offer a premium make up, but c'mon! Does everyone have to jump on the wrinkle fighting bandwagon? team found that Total Turnaround contains Salicylic Acid, which is an ingredient found in some of the most effective acne formula, but not one usually included in wrinkle formulas.

Dior's Capture too, it does not provide a specific list of ingredients. It lists them in a very vague way.

All this reminds me of the dog food industry. The biggest companies like Purina, Eucanuba, Iams, Science Diet....they all do not specify ingredients. They would place "animal fat" as an ingredient...well, which animal? Or fish meal. Which fish? Or they would market the food as protein high, but the protein comes from corn....hummmm...corn is a filler, meat is a protein source.

Do you get my drift?

In contrast to this, the homemade anti aging creams are nothing but natural and safe! The ingredients are all disclosed and they do NOT come from questionable source. Usually we dont even label our products with anti-aging! Why? Because almost 90% of the ingredients we use for anything - lotions, moisturizers etc are already having these properties and why jump on the "fight the wrinkles" bandwagon? Our creams have multiple benefits and no side effects. We all use Shea Butter as one of the ingredients, or Mowrah Butter...and to top it off, we use a big quantity of them so you would feel the benefits of these amazing butters! We do NOT place them at the middle or the bottom of the ingredients list. And, we use what we sell too!

Once I received a comment like this - your lotions are a little more expensive than the ones I can buy from the grocerie store. I'll tell you why its like that too. Because the cheap St Ives, Jergens etc or Avenoo, Bath and Body Works etc....they all use way too much water! Yeap, you heard me right! The beneficial ingredients are in such small percentage that they can afford to sell them for that price! Thats an IF they have beneficial ingredients - not all do.

Ok, done bitching! Maybe....

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Hibiscus Moon said...

This totally makes sense to me.

Celestite said...

Which is why I buy your products.
I spend a lot of time outdoors regardless of weather, I have horses and teach riding and my skin suffers for it. I have tried SO many different creams and lotions and they are either greasy or they just don't cope with Colorado weather.
Then I found this STUFF in a jar, lets see, Jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, mowrah butter, chamomile tea, lavender tea, raspberry leaf tea....oh, this is YOURS, isn't it?
My skin just drinks it up.

Aelwyn said...

Anti-aging products only touch the very top of the epidermis. For any kind of lasting, immediate effect, the product needs to reach the dermis (under lying layer of skin) or muscles. This can only be done by injection or surgery.

The best way to keep skin from gain lines, wrinkles, sagging, etc. is to stay hydrated and moisturize BEFORE the wrinkles and lines form.

(Learned this in Cosmetology ;) )

Duni said...

Thank goodness I never believed the ads for those brand-name anti-aging creams. I'm mostly outraged at those that still insist on testing on animals.

Sedie said...

I've never bought into the "anti-aging" thing. . . now I know why! Thanks for this really great article.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Thank You Hibiscus :-)

Celestite, you have no idea how happy I am to be able to help you girl :-) You have been an inspiration along my spiritual path and an inspiration to create even better!

Aelwyn, girl, what can I do without you? You just stole my next subject to post is a key. Preventing, rather than curing is the key too

Duni and Sedie...I wish there were more women out there like you...I do :-)

lina said...

This article is an eye opener for me!