Thursday, February 5, 2009

I am a featured blon on Writing Divas

This was a nice surprise for sure!

I am subscribed to Google Alerts and every time my business name pops anywhere on th enet, I get notified. Thats a nice thing, because I can pay respect to the person that thought of me.

So, today I open my mail and get a link to Writing Divas a web site that writes about anything you want to know - bargains, fitness, healthy living, recipies, cooking tips.....even celebrity gossip for just relaxing your brain and maybe have a laugh.

Check them out:


Nina said...

Thank you! We really enjoy your website. Faithful readers ~ Writing Divas!

Hibiscus Moon said...

That's very cool.

Celestite said...

That was very nice. Good little promo for your products.

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Thank you Nina :-) And thank you Hibiscus and Celestite for the well wishes...I hope this is the first - but not the last

Aelwyn said...

Awesome, congrats!!!!!

Buddha said...

Hi there!
I was browsing the blogosphere looking for people with similar interests that want to be friends - in a blogging kind of way, so I stopped to say hi!
Wishing you happy bloging and the best in your life.

D' Luxe Designs said...

Congrats! Look forward to more alerts. You have a really interesting blog.