Friday, February 20, 2009

Results of the hair and scalp serum for dry, frizzy and out of control hair

How do I start this story?

My husband took the Morning Dew body butter with him at work, because (silly him) he got sick and tired of borrowing other peoples creams so he can apply it on his elbows and dry spots. This lady tried it, loved it and gave me a call so I can send her some via hubby...wait, the story is not about the cream :-)

For the purpose of having a visual of the type of hair and skin I am trying to figure out a treatment - I will say that she is African American. As far as I know all my friends have a problem with extreme dryness and ashiness of the skin AND with managing their hair.

So....Angie asked if I can mix something up so she can apply it to her scalp and hair, because they are way too dry and out of control. She said that she usually wears her hair in a wrap and she would love to have something to keep it manageable.

Well, right away I thought of the Jojoba Oil and how it has always been used in hair treatment, such as dandruff, split ends, conditioning the hair and skin - because its not really an oil, its a liquid wax that is comes closest to our skins sebum! I put some peppermint essential oil to give it cooling effect AND some green tea extract to aid the peppermint in fighting dandruff and dry skin.

She called me yesterday and she was ecstatic! She let me know that her hair now is soft, silky, shiny and not at all greasy! Its easier to manage it and she loves the feeling of the peppermint! Wow...I was so happy to hear her say that!Its always a good feeling to hear how you helped someone :-)Angie even said that she wants to take the serum to her beauticians and let her use it. If she likes it, most likely I will supply her with some more. I made her 2oz and she said that thats a LOT and its gonna last her forever!

I hope good things are gonna keep coming for this serum. If you wanna see what I got her, its right here:

HAIR and SCALP SERUM for damaged and coarse hair

Women...we are some weird creatures....we would do anything to look good and a good looking hair is the first thing that we need to have! Its our pride, its our everything! Take care of it! Stop and think what are you doing to it with all those expensive perms, dies, relaxing it etc....stop and make it healthy again so you could be the eye stopper. Dont let your hair start looking like a broom's end with a bow on it. The bow is not gonna make it all better! This serum can be the start. Its all natural, so there is no danger of chemicals in your precious mane and there is no animal products or byproducts!


Duni said...

Your serum sounds awesome! I could use some of hair has gone all dry this winter too. But you see, actually I don't have dry hair! It's just the length, but not my scalp. It's a chore, I tell you.
I have got to check out your etsy site one of these days...


lina said...

Your serum sounds marvelous!

angelshair said...

Hmm this sound great!! I will add your etsy store to my favorites! I love my the hair products I use are important to me!!

Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

Thanks girls :-) I agree, taking care of that hair is a pain, especially in winter...I have a habit of over using my hair iron